LIN monitoring software now has scripting

For PC interfaces from Peak-System with LIN connection (PCAN-USB Pro, PCAN-USB Pro FD, PLIN-USB), the LIN monitoring software PLIN-View Pro has been released in version 3.

(Source: Peak-System)

The main added feature is the possibility of script code implementations for different LIN elements in the software. Scripting is done with the programming language Microsoft C#. The data of Publisher frames from the Transmit and Publish lists can be modified as well as entries of schedule tables. For different events for these elements, a C# script can be specified in each case. The output window (from program version 3.1.0) gives the user various feedback options, e.g. about loading processes of projects or LDF files, and an additional output option for C# scripts.

Those who are familiar with PCAN-View for CAN interfaces from Peak-System will now also find hardware information on a tab in PLIN-View Pro and can, for example, change the hardware ID, explained the company. In addition, the handling of trace recordings has been simplified in PLIN-View Pro 3, they added. PLIN-View Pro is freely available for all users of the above-mentioned PC interfaces.