LIN, Classical CAN, and CAN FD simulation kit

Warwick Control Technologies has released a kit that allows users to simulate LIN, Classical CAN, and CAN FD devices and networks. It can also be used to simulate devices and networks for J1939, NMEA 2000, and CANopen higher-layer protocols.

The kit includes the Kvaser Hybrid Pro two-channel interface and can be used to test LIN, Classical CAN, and CAN FD systems via one interface. The two channels of the Kvaser interface can be mapped to the X-Analyser software in any combination of these network protocols, e.g. channel one can be LIN and channel two can be CAN FD.

Classical CAN and CAN FD networks can additionally be simulated on one interface channel using the T-Script programming language whilst network monitoring can take place on the second interface channel in X-Analyser. The Kvaser TRX IDE provides a compiler for T-Script as well as a console in which status messages can be fed back by language commands such as printf.

The kit contains: X-Analyser Professional software with support for Classical CAN (including CANopen, J1939, NMEA 2000), CAN FD, and LIN, Kvaser Hybrid Pro interface – connects PC via USB to two channels of Classical CAN, CAN FD, or LIN. Additionally, the tool provides 4 Channel Hub for Classical CAN, CAN FD, and LIN with external power, programming examples for network simulation in Kvaser T-Script programming language as well as a carrying case.