2-channel LIN adapter card for CAN PCI express board

The LIN bus has become well established in the automotive industry. The adapter card from ESD combines CAN FD and LIN in a 2-slot version.

(Source: ESD Electronics)

ESD has expanded its series of CAN-PCIe/402 boards by a 2-channel LIN adapter card. With the help of this 2-channel variant the user can choose from interfaces to LIN, CAN FD, but also to CAN, since the CAN FD board is fully downward compatible. In the course of the development the esdACC was supplemented by a LIN IP core. The LIN card can be connected to the CAN-PCIe/402 board via an expansion slot. The board will automatically recognize the connected card adapter via an I/O expander on the internal bus. The LIN interfaces are compatible to ISO 17987-4:2016 and can be accessed via the two DSUB 9 connectors in the front panel of the board. They operate at a programmable bitrate of up to 20 kbit/s.