Eberspaecher: PTC air-heater

Based on the technology of Eberspächer Catem's PTC air-heater elements, these electronic heater elements feature an integrated micro-controller with LIN interface.

PTC air-heater elements (Photo: Eberspaecher)

The electronic output controller is integrated directly in the PTC air-heater. Power semiconductors switch the individual heating circuits off and on, and special protection and diagnostic functions are installed in the electronics. Data exchange or the actuation of heating elements via the vehicle runs via LIN. Optionally, a CAN port or a PWM interface is provided.

The MCU-controlled power electronics permit diagnostics to be performed on the PTC air heater and its heating circuits. Every circuit can be monitored individually and switched off, if required. Furthermore, the system monitors the power/current consumption of the air heater. All of this information can be made available to the vehicle electrical system via the LIN interface for energy management purposes. The heater elements with integrated control electronics reduce cabling inside the vehicle and thus help to save on installation space and costs.