ISO 17987-8: Powerline transmission

The ISO working group 3 of the TC22 SC31 specifies an alternative LIN physical layer. It uses the DC power lines to transmit the LIN frames.

(Photo: Yamar Electronics)

The DC power line electrical physical layer (EPL) for LIN communication systems supports several bit-rates (9,615 kbit/s, 10,417 kbit/s, and 19,23 kbit/s). This approach uses a modulation method and a carrier signal on the power-lines. The ISO 17987-8 document is still a work draft. It will be submitted for Committee Draft balloting beginning of 2018. This is the first level of international voting. The next one is the Draft International Standard balloting.

The DC power line transmission requires a modem, which encodes the data from the data link layer interface into a modulated carrier signal that is coupled to the DC power line. The modem also decodes the received data on the DC power line and provides this to the data link layer interface. The modulation consists of a pre-defined combination of phase shifts.