Windows on ARM support for LIN and CAN interfaces

For PC interfaces from Peak-System with LIN connection (PCAN-USB Pro, PCAN-USB Pro FD, PLIN-USB), the LIN monitoring software PLIN-View Pro has been released in version 3.

(Source: Peak-System)

With the release 4. 4. 0 of the Windows device driver setup for CAN interfaces from Peak-System, ARM64 systems are also supported. Until now, this includes all CAN interfaces with USB port, such as the PCAN-USB FD.

Peak-System is a German manufacturer of hardware and software for CAN and LIN serial network systems. Until now, the manufacturer's drivers, APIs (application programming interface), and software were built for Windows computers with x86 and x64-based processors. With Windows 11 it is possible to emulate x86 and x64 applications on ARM64-based computers. However, the emulation ends with the drivers.

Peak-System has converted various drivers and services for ARM64. Especially the CAN and LIN device drivers for USB interfaces like the PCAN-USB are essential, since the USB port is the primary-available interface on ARM64-based computers, explained the company. In addition, the company has adapted software and programming interfaces for ARM64. With the APIs PCAN-Basic and PLIN-API, ARM applications can thus be enhanced with a connection to the CAN or LIN network.